Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

ShipItCon Welcomes Vessy, Alma and Mihai to the Stage!

We’re thrilled to announce that 3 amazing speakers, Vessy Tasheva, Alma Tarfa and Mihai Paun, will be joining us at ShipItCon this year! Get ready to be inspired by their insights and expertise on the psychological state of flow and harnessing developer insights to maximise flow.

Vessy Tasheva

Vessy is founder & CEO of, specialising in organisational trust & culture strategy and leadership coaching for pre-IPO and publicly traded tech, gaming, and cybersecurity companies. Since 2017 Vessy has been exploring Trust in all of its dimensions from inter-organisational and organisational trust through team trust to interpersonal trust and self-trust and confidence. Earlier this year Vessy authored a third international independent report “2024 The Impact of Trust. As a leadership coach, Vessy works with a wide range of leaders from solo entrepreneurs and bootstrapping CEOs through team leads and leaders in between jobs to senior executives such as CFOs & CTOs. Vessy is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with MSc from Trinity College Dublin and has a private practice in the heart of Dublin.

Alma Tarfa

Alma is a Nigerian-Irish tech enthusiast with a passion for empowering people through technology. Having made the transition from a Full stack developer to people leadership role within the last 2 years, Alma is an Engineering Manager in Workhuman leading the Mobile application team.

She is fascinated with improving processes and remove impediments in workflows and has been part of a diverse working group in Workhuman looking at how to create an environment where developers and technologists can thrive so they get do their best work.

In her free time you will find Alma planning her next trip or meet ups with friends and family over food.

Mihai Paun

Mihai is a seasoned engineering leader passionate about enabling happy, productive and inclusive teams that collaborate effectively to deliver outsized results.

Drawing from his experience as a software engineer and engineering leader, working with organisations of all sizes from Series A startups to large financial institutions, Mihai enjoys geeking out on what makes high-performing teams tick, principles of product development flow, effective organisational structures and dynamics, and systems thinking. When he is not consumed by a book, Mihai loves spending time with his dog, Plato, playing board games or discovering new music.

Set Sail with Ntsoaki, Our ShipItCon Dublin MC!

Ahoy, ShipItCon voyagers! We’re excited to announce that the phenomenal Ntsoaki (CK) will be our trusty Master of Ceremonies, navigating the high seas of knowledge at ShipItCon Dublin on August 30th!

Get ready for an engaging and informative journey as Ntsoaki steers the course of our conference. Their charisma and expertise will keep you entertained, informed, and excited throughout the day.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss Ntsoaki’s magic:

  • Masterful MC: Ntsoaki brings a wealth of experience to the stage, ensuring a smooth flow and keeping the energy high throughout the day.
  • Knowledge Navigator: Expect insightful commentary and thought-provoking questions that will dredge up those golden nuggets of knowledge from our speakers.
  • Engaging Host: Ntsoaki’s infectious enthusiasm will make you feel right at home and ensure you get the most out of your ShipItCon experience.

Dive into Flow with our Panel Discussion!

Get ready for deep dives and lively discussions at ShipItCon Dublin 2024! We’re excited to announce the return of our highly-requested panel discussion, this year focusing on the captivating theme of Flow.

Moderated by the industry veteran Damien Marshall, Technical Director at Demonware, this panel will bring together experts from various disciplines to explore the concept of Flow and its significance in their respective fields.

For more details check out :

Don’t miss your chance to learn from these industry leaders and network with other code shipping enthusiasts at ShipItCon!

Tickets are selling fast, so register today!

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements!

We’ll be revealing more of the fantastic speakers joining us at ShipItCon Dublin in the coming weeks. Follow us on social media for the latest updates!

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