We could talk about how unique and awesome ShipItCon is all day but why listen to us when some of our previous speakers and attendees have the following to say …

Charity Majors

“My biggest memory from ShipItCon was the afterparty.

I gave a talk about emerging trends in infrastructure and how they have the potential to liberate us from the overworked silos of the past, and I remember having sooooo many amazing conversations at the pub with sooooo many people who were on the same page and excited about the same things. And the venue was GORGEOUS, and the staff was so organised and kind. Definitely one of my fondest pre-pandemic conferences!”


“I’ve been to many many conferences all over the world, and ShipItCon remains a stand out favorite to me! One of the most memorable keynotes I ever watched was John Romero talk about the creation of Gunman Taco Truck with his wife and son. AND there were tacos afterwards for lunch!!


10/10 event- would highly recommend!”

Mihai Criveti

“Had a great time meeting so many members of the community and amazing speakers! Loved the on-stage pictures!”


“A really good event, the topics covered were wide ranging and very interesting, giving a great insight into how other teams tackle challenges with shipping/deployment etc.”

“Overall a very engaging and enjoyable event. Fantastic for the first one! Only real (but very minor) complaint was the uncomfortable chairs :-)”

“I was very impressed with the event. The networking option was great for me.”

“Very enjoyable and well ran conference. Would like to see more deep dives into approaches and/or live (or recorded) demos of technology.”

“Single track, liked the war stories element that stuff actually breaks sometimes, good to be honest.”

“What did I like? Its size, the talks and all of it for amazingly, affordable costs”

“It was able to bring speeches from so many different areas (building, testing, architecture, etc).”

“Single track event with a good variety of speakers (from all levels and backgrounds).”

“Great range of topics from all the speakers. One track event. Keynote. Location. Enjoyed the lightning talks”

“I liked the diversity of the speakers and the range of topics”

“Lots of things: Standard of the speakers, the content of their talks. Especially Sam Newman. Very nice vibe from organisers, speakers and attendees. The venue was excellent, great location. Very good value for money”