Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

A huge thank you to Hannah M Bryson for compiling all of our accessibility information below.

If you need help with your accessibility requirements, reach out to Hannah via her website.


Layout of the Venue

  • There are 9 stairs and a wheelchair lift at the entrance to the building.
  • The wheelchair lift is staff operated so please email us if coming outside of the registration period so we can make sure to have a staff member there.
  • The  event is on the same floor once you go in the front door. There is the registration desk and once you go past the desk the double doors are straight in front of you.
  • The main room is a large round room with rectangular tables on both sides which will have catering as well as our partner info tables. Straight ahead will be around 20 large round tables with stable chairs, but be advised that they do not have arm rests. At the front will be a stage that all talks will be commencing from.
  • Toilets are sign posted and near the main room and will be directed to during the breaks between speakers.
  • The round tables will be at an appropriate height for wheelchair users. 
  • The coat check is available when you come in, near the registration desk. 
  • The door leading to the disability bathrooms is heavy, so please let us know if it closed over or you require assistance opening it.
  • The quiet area is located on the upstairs balcony. A staff member can direct you to the area, and it is accessible by lift.



  • There will be low lighting at the catering tables, if you require assistance with any of the written text or what is available, please let us know so that we can assist you.
  • Multiple bright light installations simulating the night sky cover the venues main hall. Feel free to bring sun glasses if you are light sensitive.
  • The Quiet area has low lightning, if you require a break.



The air conditioning makes the venue very cold for the first hour or so, but it will gradually warm up throughout the day.



  • Let us know if you need assistance with lunch at registration. We will be calling for anyone with mobility issues/issues queuing or requested food accommodations to come up first. 
  • Tea and coffee will be available during the breaks. There should be fruit and pastries available. Gluten free muffins and caffeine free tea are available on request.
  • Water will be available on every table.
  • Catering has been given numbers for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free lunches.
  • Staff can bring drinks to your table if you need help or can be given in a takeaway cup.



  • The venue will be have near concert level sound volume. It is extremely clear audio and can seem slightly loud at times.
  • The sound of air conditioning/ projector fans can be distracting if sitting at the back tables. The centre and front tables do not suffer the same volume issues from these sources.
  • There is no background music planned during the break periods.



Photo for the registration desk


Photo of the main room layout, details listed above