Nicola Zaghini 

Talk Title: Don’t give up: a tale of a system impossible to scale.

Synopsis: Does a system that cannot be scaled really exist? If we look past the usual ‘backend’ context for scalability and focus on native mobile applications, things can change frequently and drastically. To start with, distributing apps at scale is not a common use case and therefore there are not many tools and guides available to help. On top of that, third party app stores and their approval processes have full control of the actual distribution, making it an almost impossible system to properly scale, no matter how good you are as a company at DevOps best practices and tooling. This is a tale of a company that stubbornly wanted to give their customers the most amazing mobile experience even if it meant having to develop, deploy and maintain literally thousands of individual native mobile applications. This is a tale of not giving up easily, even when taking several hits during the journey of scaling from one single app to the present day of over 8000 apps. This is a tale of where the courage of making bold decisions eventually saved a product which today is exceptionally unique in the market and definitely one loved by our customers.

Speaker Bio: Nicola is a Principal Engineer at Phorest Salon Software, responsible for the company’s overall mobile tech strategy. He has been delivering mobile solutions since the first iOS SDK was released and has worked on everything from solo indie games to large international enterprise apps. With Phorest and its unique challenges of scale and speed, Nicola has fully embraced cross-platform for native mobile delivery and has never looked back since 🙂