Become A Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring ShipItCon 2023. ShipItCon is a not-for-profit, community driven event. All left over funds are split equally between local good causes chosen by the ShipItCon Team.

Each of the previous ShipItCons had one or more sponsors: they help financially, logistically, and by demonstrating their support for the Irish Tech Community. As a sponsor, you will be promoted during the event, and in a selection of our communications:

  • Logo on website
  • Key announcements
  • Blogs posts
  • Mentions throughout the year in community newsletters and Meetups
  • Social media
  • and you will get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the tech community and local good causes!

We have sponsorship packages ranging from EUR 1,000 to EUR 20,000 and this money will be spent on :

  • Hiring the venue
  • Keynote/Speaker flights, 2 nights accommodation and carbon offset contribution
  • Providing food and drinks to attendees
  • Providing “Diversity” tickets through local Meetup groups, Colleges and Universities
  • Financial Assistance program
  • Merchandise
  • After party venue and refreshments

For more details on available Sponsorship packages please fill in the form below.