Why Should You Attend ?

Join us on September 6th 2019 for 8 hours of thought provoking content created by 12 speakers from around the world. ShipItCon will include talks on Continuous Integration & Delivery, DevOps, Machine Learning and Containerization. Our speakers will take attendees on a journey through the evolution of Software Delivery. From bespoke legacy systems through to continuous deployment and then stretching the imagination with predictions for Software Delivery in 2030.

We want ShipItCon to be accessible to everyone and we will be using sponsorship funding to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. We’ll also be providing Diversity and Inclusion tickets and support to those who are currently between jobs.

Why should you attend?

12 speakers from around the world and from various disciplines offering their predictions for the future of Software Delivery.

ShipItCon is a great opportunity for teams to bond, debate and engage with other attendees.

Breathtaking venue filled with opportunities to connect with a diverse variety of attendees.

This is a non-profit, community event with all remaining funding going to local good causes.

Who’ll be attending?

Attendees come from across the world, especially Europe.

Many industries including the financial sector, enterprises, games industry and traditional manufacturing.

Developers, operators, architects, CTOs, Engineers, Devops, tool specialists, infrastructure specialists, QAs.

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