The Journey Begins

“Build it and they will come” — Kevin Costner

After the success of ShipItCon 2017, the ShipItCon team are preparing to host another event in 2019.

ShipItCon 2017 was a 1 day event in which we hosted 150 attendees, 14 speakers and 9 sponsors in the spectacular Mansion House here in Dublin.

We are planning to host ShipItCon 2019 in the same venue but with a small change to the theme. This year our speakers will make predictions about the future of shipping software and what that will look like for us as an industry. Talks may include topics such as Machine Learning, Serverless, Quantum Computing and Cloud Native.

We will be announcing speakers and sponsors over the coming months. Tickets will be going on sale around the end of April.  This is a non-profit event, organized in our spare time and with any left over money going to a local charity.  In 2017 we donated almost 4000 euro to Temple Street Childrens Hospital and this year we would like to surpass this.

The ShipItCon team appreciate your help in spreading the word about this event and for your continued support.

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