Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024

Save the Date!

August 30th 2024


The Round Room, Mansion House, Dublin 2, Ireland

August 30th 2024

Welcome to ShipItCon 2024, where this year’s theme, “Flow,” is all about mastering the currents of software delivery in the digital age. As the demand for rapid, efficient, and high-quality software delivery escalates, understanding and implementing the best practices in observability, team topologies, system design, and architecture becomes indispensable. ShipItCon is the convergence point for those eager to dive deep into these aspects, ensuring that the flow of software delivery is as smooth and efficient as the rivers that inspire us.

Embark on a journey through the landscapes of system design and architecture, where the foundations of software delivery are built. Unpack the latest trends, tools, and practices that are shaping the future of scalable, resilient, and maintainable systems. Whether you’re refining legacy systems or constructing new architectures, ShipItCon provides the blueprint for success.

At ShipItCon, we’re setting the stage for an immersive exploration into how observability can transform your delivery pipeline, making it more transparent, predictable, and resilient. Learn how to leverage observability to gain insights into system performance and user experiences, enabling proactive optimisation and swift issue resolution.

The ShipItCon Team (John, Serena, Ck, Clare and Tom) will be updating the website over the coming months. If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s event we would love to have you onboard. We rely heavily on the kindness and support of the local tech community to spread the word about ShipItCon, create fascinating talks and help us in finding great sponsors. Míle buíochas.

Upcoming Events

Ireland has a thriving tech community with many home grown Meetups, Conferences, Game Jams and more. Check out the Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events.  If you’d like an event added to the calendar just drop an email to [email protected].

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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring ShipItCon. ShipItCon is a not-for-profit, community driven event. All left over funds are split equally between local good causes chosen by the ShipItCon Team.

Meet the ShipItCon team

Introducing the team behind ShipItCon



Vice Admiral

Tom Shaw

Co-Founder & Organizer

Serena Fritsch


John Doran

Director & Organizer

Ntsoaki Phakoe-Mckevitt



This event holds a special place in my heart. It exemplifies the significance of bridging the gap between tech and non-tech professionals, providing an invaluable platform for learning and growth. ???? Personally, I felt right at home, discovering how tech impacts our lives in various ways. It's a reminder that events like these are crucial to making technology more accessible to everyone, regardless of background. ???? Let's continue championing initiatives like ShipITCon, fostering an environment where tech becomes a welcoming and inclusive domain for all. ????
Rúbia Mariano
Project Management | Innovation | Leadership
I really enjoyed the conference and I think it was full of great content. I think that they do a great job to select great speakers that show a lot of different aspects of software development. I always learn some things, and seeing what different teams are doing in aspects like on-call, release and monitoring, among other aspects, is always interesting. I definitely recommend going to the next one if you’re interesting in these aspects! Hopefully it will be earlier than the three years we had to wait for this one.
Jaime Buelta
I gave a talk about emerging trends in infrastructure and how they have the potential to liberate us from the overworked silos of the past, and I remember having sooooo many amazing conversations at the pub with sooooo many people who were on the same page and excited about the same things. And the venue was GORGEOUS, and the staff was so organised and kind. Definitely one of my fondest pre-pandemic conferences!
Charity Majors
I've been to many many conferences all over the world, and ShipItCon remains a stand out favorite to me! One of the most memorable keynotes I ever watched was John Romero talk about the creation of Gunman Taco Truck with his wife and son. AND there were tacos afterwards for lunch!! 10/10 event- would highly recommend!
Chloe Condon