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Charity Majors

Charity is the co-founder and CEO of Honeycomb.io and has been described as “a force of nature, a combination of smarts, grit, hard work, attitude, wisecracks and has a genuine knack for fixing broken things”. Charity is one of the most revered leaders in tech and will be sharing her predictions around the future of tech and software delivery at ShipItCon 2019.

For more details about Charity check out : charity.wtf


Ben Lavender

Ben is a Software Engineer on Stripe’s developer productivity team, where he works on tests and CI infrastructure. He’s worked on developer effectiveness at GitHub and other companies, and has given talks about topics such as chatops, deployment, and refactoring

Helen Wallace

Helen is a Software Developer / CI Champion with Murex, where she works on old and new code. This led her into the wild world of refactoring. She uses her DevOps hat to think of ways to use modern tools to help solve legacy issues.

Aaron Chambers

Aaron is a Senior Engineer at Phorest Salon Software. He has been involved in the Ember community for over 5 years and is the creator and co-author of EmberCLI Deploy which has become the defacto lib for shipping Ember applications. Aaron spends a lot of time focusing on how to level up deployment of JS applications to allow people to ship smaller pieces faster and with more confidence.

Laura Nolan

Laura is a Senior Staff Production Engineer at Slack and has a background in Site Reliability Engineering, software engineering, distributed systems, and computer science. She wrote the ‘Managing Critical State’ chapter in the O’Reilly ‘Site Reliability Engineering’ book, as well as contributing to the more recent ‘Seeking SRE’.

Sam Newman

Sam is an independent consultant and author of “Building Microservices”. With over a decade of experience in the cloud and continuous delivery space, Sam is more recently focusing on microservice architectures. Sam has led workshops and spoken at some of the biggest conferences around the world including GOTO, MuCon and Devoxx.

For more details about Sam check out : https://samnewman.io

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